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how it works

                                        and the difference private tuition makes


maths schmaths

"Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics."  Dean Schlicter


the personal approach

Your private maths lessons are tailored exactly to your learning needs.  It's a matter of finding your current level of understanding on each topic we address ... and then working at the pace that works best for you.


the practice

Maths is one of those subjects that, once things have been explained, you need to practise.  Each new skill needs practising until you've got it and old skills need pulling out of the wardrobe and polishing up regularly.  These days, happily, there is no shortage of resources that offer both practice and alternative explanantions of maths topics, many of them online.  Under my guidance, you get the practice you need to really perfect your skills, and no time is wasted when you get stuck: that's what I'm here for!


the probing

I ask lots of questions!  There are many benefits to this:

it gets you thinking, actually applying your maths skills and knowledge

it enables me to see clearly where your understanding is at, which of course informs my teaching

it enables you to see for yourself how strong or shaky your understanding is on a particular topic

it gets you talking about your maths, which is crucial to your really getting to grips with it


the more practice...

... the better...  I always set homework for you to complete between lessons.  A well-chosen homework gives you the opportunity to practise new skills and to identify strengths and weaknesses for yourself.  It's part of your becoming an independent learner, developing responsibility for steering your own learning where it needs to go (so grown-up, I know!)



the positive attitude

OK, it's true, some people struggle more than others with their maths ... well, with some areas of their maths ... at certain times ... under certain pressures ... when they don't have the right tools with them, or the help they need ... BUT it's also true that we can all do maths!!

The great thing about private tuition is that you really do get the help you need to move forward in your learning.

I have recently worked with a girl called Catherine who has dyscalculia, the mathematical equivalent of dyslexia.  For her, simple adding was difficult, and learning any of her tables was near impossible - it all simply fuzzed.  Unsurprisingly, because of this she had identified herself as being a no-hoper with maths.

Although number work was where Catherine's problems lay, I chose to expose her instead to a variety of mathematical topics for which she could use her excellent spatial and drawing skills, her impressive logic and her memory for algorithms (little routines we use in maths).

Soon Catherine began to realise that not only can she do maths, she is extremely good at it!  She now appreciates that she is a strong learner, and that she can understand and apply all manner of complex mathematical concepts.  She has overtaken many of her maths classmates and knows for herself that her dyscalculia, which is just part of her brain's natural make-up, doesn't have to hold her back like it did (she just keeps that tables square handy!)


the tea and biscuits

An essential part of the process is the provision of quality refreshment... one sugar or two cubed over four...?





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